Selecting Wines For That Special Day

Selecting Wines For That Special Day

It’s absolutely pointless to put hundreds of hours into planning your wedding only to fall short on that special day when it’s time to simply enjoy the day with family and friends.  As a Vendemmia wine club member you enjoy our complimentary oenolier service.  You provide us with all the details of your wedding day including the number of guests, indoor or outdoor venue, duration of the event, the menu, etc. and we will select the perfect wines and quantities to pair every step of the way.  And of course we will arrange to have the wine shipped to your wedding venue ready for your catering/bartenders to take over.  From the time your guests are welcomed with a refreshing glass of bubbly until the after dinner drinks are served, we have your wine needs taken care of.

For more information simply fill out an event dossier and we will follow up with you asap.

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