The Spiritless Wedding

The Spiritless Wedding

Your guests smile and wait patiently while you and your brand new spouse take pictures and otherwise prepare yourselves for the post wedding festivities to ensue.  But there’s no hurry.  Friends, family, and others that were obligatory invitees have plenty of refreshers on which to sip as they debrief on how beautiful and heartfelt the wedding was.  Brad and Sharon, always the doting couple, decide to share a tulip of ice cold Champagne, while Karen opts for one of several refreshing spritzes while she catches up with Kate who has already gotten to the bottom of her aperitif.  Ted takes another tug on his sake’ refresher and saunters over to greet Keith, who not surprisingly, is standing alarmingly close to the bridesmaids’ table sipping his beer.

After the initial fanfare and ballyhoo die down upon your arrival back on the scene, you have greeted mostly everyone while you rehydrated with a shockingly good wine-based yet in-law neutralizing non potentially dress staining margarita, dinner is set to be served and your guests are nestling in.  Like many of your guests, Tracie has decided on the Sancerre to satiate the vibe of her sea bass.  But a good many, including Ted have chosen the exceptionally balanced and welcoming pinot noir as the foil for their braised short ribs.  Keith is still perfectly happy with his beer.

 The night moves along swimmingly, everyone happy with the company and libations they are keeping and as the evening moves on coffee and dessert are served.  Brad winds down with a port on the rocks, Sharon with coffee with a shot of chocolate cream, while plenty enjoy sips of digestif to help the short ribs, street tacos, and ricotta filled ravioli move along.

All of your guests are in great spirits despite not having consumed a distilled one, delighted to see you so happy, and leave having had a wonderful time.  No outrageous bill from the liquor store or outrageous guest behavior from tequila shots.

That after all, is for the after party.

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