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Channeling Decades of Experience Into an Ultra-Sensory Experience

the daily

Excellent wines at everyday prices, The Daily selections punch well above their weight offering outstanding value and a broad swath of flavors sure to please at the table. A pleasurable way to broaden your palate and try new varietals without the stretching the budget.

$39/month | 2 bottles 


$52/month | 3 bottles

(Save 10%)


when in rome

Comprised mainly of reds (an occasional extraordinary white might find its way into the mix) the When In Rome wine club will take you on a liquid tour throughout Italy’s best vineyards and wineries.  Todd’s passion and profound knowledge of Italian wines is fully on display.

$59/month | 2 bottles 


$79/month | 3 bottles

(Save 10%)


the cat's meow

Simply put, The Cat’s Meow club is an extraordinary selection of fine reds from around the globe representing best-in-class quality, including single vineyard, limited production gems from the world’s finest winemakers and growers.  Suitable to gift or cellar.

$69/month | 2 bottles 


$93/month | 3 bottles

(Save 10%)


The ultimate revolving 6 pack that never repeats itself

Complimentary shipping

Available in California, Oregon, Washington, Arizona only

state your case

The ultimate revolving 6 pack that never repeats itself.

$199/month | 6 bottles

tax and shipping charges apply

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